Meet Our Physicians

The professional medical staff at X-Cell includes thirteen prominent Board-Certified pathologists with over 310 years of combined experience.
X_CELL_LABS_Michael S.Albert, MD,
 Michael S. Albert,MD 
 John Asirwatham,MD 
 Usha Ghai Chopra, MD 
 Kelly J.Garner, MD 
Yan Hu, MD  
Hasan Khatib, MD
Sung Eun Kim, MD
 Catherine Li, Ph.D 
 Rebecca Z. Ocque, MD 
 D. Michael Slate II, MD
 Sateesh K. Satchidanand, MD
 Barbara K.Stefanick,MD
 Mohamed Y. Zeid, MD
 Jia Zhao, MD 
 Young Zhou, MD 
Our Proud Affiliations 

X-Cell Laboratories of Western New York

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Laboratory Permit (NYSDOH)

Certified Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP)

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